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Campus Master Plan Process

A Year Of Planning For Our Communitiy's Future

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In March of 2006, Fr. Pat Ritter asked the Facilities Commission to produce and distribute a survey targeting all the Sacred Heart Commissions, Councils, and user groups in discerning what facilities and site improvements should occur over the next ten to 20 years for our campus.

The survey responses were gathered over the months of May and June from the various groups, and tabulated into a two-page matrix by a sub-committee consisting of Blaise Goudy, Linda Ducey Farber, Fr. Pat Ritter, and Kathleen Nordlund, our Parish Administrator. The survey matrix was then discussed and revised by the Facilities Commission members at two meetings in August of 2006. The present Facilities Commission members are: Blaise Goudy, Chairperson, Linda Ducey Farber, James Neal, Connie Gray, School Vice Principal, Greg Russell, School Commission Rep., Bruce Waldron, Facilities Supervisor, and Kathleen Nordlund, Parish Administrator.

In September of 2006, a complete report was then made to the Pastoral Council to broaden the discussion and to help answer questions concerning what the priorities should be, and determining a timeline for items that were current necessities and areas that will take long range planning and funding efforts. The Pastoral Council spent their meeting time in October and November in discussion and discernment of the materials the Facilities Commission had compiled.

Out of those extensive discussions, the Pastoral Council authorized the hiring of an architectural firm, and asked Fr. Pat and the parish administrator to put together a Master Plan Steering Committee, which would guide the necessary planning process. Requests for Qualifications were sent out to eight architecture firms. The Master Plan Steering Committee was formed in February of 2007, and a subset of that committee interviewed four architects, a process which resulted in the choice of Integrus Architects, a firm with offices in both Seattle and Spokane.

Our Master Plan Steering Committee consists of Paul Aigner, Steve Lewis, John Sheeran, Colleen Clancy Eastman, Linda Ducey Farber, Rhoady Lee, John O’Neil, Greg Russell, Fr. Pat Ritter, and Kathleen Nordlund.

The Steering Committee and architects have met weekly for the months of March, April, and May. A group of engineers have also been utilized to help analyze our current facilities’ various mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and roofing systems. The architect’s team has also met with school administrators, parish staff, CYO representatives, and then set up three separate Listening Sessions, so individual parishioners could be involved in the process. An on-line questionnaire, as well as a bulletin flyer offered our parishioners one more opportunity to give their opinion about what they considered necessary.

As a faith community, and after a year of work, we believe we are in an important process of developing the buildings and site that will serve us well for the present needs and into the future.

Please keep these efforts in your prayers as we continue to plan.